Laurie Pettine’s work has been described as “kitschy”- a term she fully embraces. She draws inspiration from the Fortean side of science, culture and belief systems: drawing from feminist Jungian readings of fairy tales, urban legends, tall tales and world mythologies and the underlying alchemical & magical themes therein. She works from the core point that, in the quantum sense, reality is not fixed. We are, literally, what we see; and our sight defines our reality. Her practice is tied to the process of chaos = discovery. Pettine’s themes can be humorous, odd and even playful; dream-scaped, yet ominous and strangely familiar. 

She graduated 1990 with a BFA Illustration from Parsons School of Design/New School. Her work is primarily mixed materials/media, 3D, appliance-sized pieces. She shares a kinship with pop surrealist/visionary art style of work; she feels at home with Fringe/Pattern & Decoration/Outsider Art designations. She lives in Morristown, NJ.


Ms. Pettine selected resume:

“Maidens and Martyrs, A colab” multiple works of mixed media: paper mâché, jute, fabric, urethane resin, acrylic paint and found objects. Exhibition booth B23 for Art Fair 14c, shared space with artists Christy O’Connor and Leslie Sheryll. Glass Gallery, Mana Contemporary, Jersey City, NJ (2021)


“Figments/Iterations: A Hypnerotomachia” mixed media: ceramic, jute, wood, fabric, wood glue, wood, urethane resin, acrylic paint and found objects. Hamilton Street Gallery, Bound Brook, NJ (2021)


Multiple works of mixed media: urethane resin, acrylic paint and found objects. “Reverse Engineered” curated by Catalina Aranguren, ProArts JC forJCast, Jersey City, NJ (2021)


“Pontifex Maximus Ano Obturaculum (Papal Plug)” Media: urethane resin, acrylic paint and found objects. “Violent Devotion” curated by Christy O’Connor, Hamilton Street Gallery, Bound Brook, NJ (2021)


"Tyranny Loves Company", mixed media, 27" x 19" x 7", 2020, $750, “Free Enterprise” Show, BSB Gallery, Trenton, NJ (2020)


“Figment”, Mixed-Media, Sally Bush Memorial Award- Best in Show Award, The Center for Contempory Art Members Non Juried Exhibition,

Bedminster, NJ (2020)


“TilDeath”, mixed media, “Art on the Edge” Show, Curator: Anthony Wierdeyeone, Atlantic Highlands Arts Council, NJ (2019)


“The Handless Maiden”, Mixed-Media/resin,wood,textile, “Mirror/Mirror-Fairy Tales Dark Reflections”, Curator: Susan O’Rourke, Artfront Galleries, Newark, NJ (2019)


“Arcanus Elementum - gothic alchemical memento mori”, mixed media, Mysterium, Curator: Andrea Mortin, LITM, Jersey City, NJ (2019)


“pontifex maximus ano obturaculum”, mixed media, “Anything... If You’re Brave Enough”, Curator Asha Ganpat, Index Gallery, Newark, NJ (2019)


“Til Death/Memento Mori”, mixed media, “Anti-Valentine Show”, Curators: Javiera Rodriguez and Andrea McKenna, Raven Gallery, Jersey City, NJ (2019)


“Pariedolia I”, mixed media, “Spirited”, Curator: Aylin Green, Visual Stream Gallery, Lambertville NJ (2018)


“Ghostwalking”, mixed media, Halloween Show, Curators: Paul Jach and Kristy Brucale, Speakeasy Gallery, Boonton, NJ (2018)


“The Abyss Says Hi”, mixed media, “TOYS Show”, Curator, Asha Ganpat, Art School at Old Church, NJ (2018)


"Figment of the Imagination", mixed media - "Paint the Town Yellow/INTO Yellow", Short Stories Gallery, Madison, NJ (2017)


"The Czarina's Violin", mixed media - "Art of Strings" Fundraising Auction, NJ Symphony Orchestra Gallery (2017)

 “She will not be moved” mixed media - “Nasty Women” Exhibition ABD Gallery, Philadelphia, PA (2017)

 “Darsinomon by Ethan” mixed media - “Wish List Show”, Speakeasy Gallery, Boonton, NJ (2016)


"Plug Series", mixed media - "Mystic and Mayhem" Raven Gallery Juried Exhibition, Jersey City NJ (2016)


“A Haunting at the Hive - Invitational Show” Curator, Hive Gallery, Chester NJ (2016)

 “Ghostwalking” mixed media - “Art of Darkness - Nightmare on the Bayou” Artworks Trenton Juried Exhibition (2016)

 “The Secret Lives of Orbitals" mixed media - "STEAM - Art of Discovery” West Windsor Art Center Juried Exhibition (2016


 “Home Insecurity System” mixed media - “Home Is Where” West Windsor Art Center Juried Exhibition (2016)


“The Sound ‘O My Voice” mixed media - Art All Night Trenton Selected and Sold Works Show, Artworks Gallery, Trenton NJ (2016)


“Pariedolia I” mixed media Center for Contemporary Art Members Show, Bedminster, NJ (2016)


“Macrobiology Series/Various Prints” – Hive Gallery/MCAW, Chester, NJ (2016)


“Macrobiology Series/Various Prints” - Morristown Atrium Gallery Spring/Summer Show (2016)


“Macrobiology Series/Various Prints”- A.J. Dillon Gallery, and Atlantic Highlands, NJ "Emerging Artists" show (2016) 


“Children of the Revolution” and “Tomorrow Never Knows” mixed media, Speakeasy Gallery, Boonton, NJ annual Mixed Tape Show. (2015)

“Pareidolia I” mixed media - The Visual Art Center of NJ member show, Summit, NJ (2015 'Honorable Mention")


“Pareidolia I” mixed media -The Art Guild of NJ, Rahway, NJ member show (2015 'Honorable Mention")

Laurie Pettine Art